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U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye with his wife, Irene Hirano

Hawaii bids Aloha to Dan Inouye

Heard on NPR Newscast – Hawaii bids Aloha to U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye. Remembering the second-longest serving senator in U.S. history, and an American hero.

‘Mother Of Outcasts’ To Be A Saint For Leprosy Work

Heard on NPR – Mother Marianne Cope become’s Hawaii’s second saint, honored for caring for people in Hawaii with leprosy, now known as Hansen’s disease.

Gabby Pahinui

Soundtracking “The Descendants” With “Real” Hawaiian Music

Heard on NPR – The Oscar-winning film “The Descendant’s” is the first Hollywood movie scored entirely with Hawaiian music.

Bassist Lyle Ritz: Father of Jazz Ukulele

Bassist Lyle Ritz: Father of Jazz Ukulele

Heard on NPR – Ever since Lyle Ritz recorded the world’s first jazz ukulele album more than 50 years ago, he’s been called the “Father of Jazz Ukulele.” He recorded his latest CD, “No Frills,” all by himself on his laptop computer, playing both ukulele and bass.


Nona Beamer: Hawaiian Elder (1923-2008)

Heard on NPR – Nona Beamer dedicated her life to preserving Hawaiian culture. She was a gifted storyteller, hula dancer, songwriter and teacher. Her legacy continues to touch many people today.


Wayfinders: Polynesian Navigation

Heard on NPR – When the Hawaiian canoe Hokulea was built in the 70′s, it helped spark a Hawaiian cultural renaissance and a rebirth in polynesian voyaging throughout the Pacific. The documentary, “Wayfinders: A Pacific Odyssey,” chronicles that revival and some of Hokulea’s early voyages.

U.S.S. Missouri

U.S.S. Missouri Becomes A Museum

Heard on NPR – One of the world’s most famous battleships, the USS Missouri, has become a floating memorial and museum based at Pearl Harbor.

Bla Pahinui

Bla Pahinui

Heard on NPR – Hawaii is home to a legendary musical family –the Pahinui’s. Gabby Pahinui is called the “Father of Modern Slack Key Guitar.” Since his death in 1980, three of his sons have been carrying on his musical legacy. One of them is Bla Pahinui.

Billy Higgins

Billy Higgins

Heard on NPR – A profile of Billy Higgins, one of the most recorded drummers in jazz. For years, he also nurtured a new generation of musicians at his cultural center in Los Angeles.



Heard on NPR – Hapa is the Hawaiian word for half, and it’s often used to refer to someone of mixed race. Hapa is also the name of one of Hawaii’s most popular bands. The musicians chose the name because one is a native Hawaiian and the other a native New Yorker. (Profile of the founding members of Hapa.)

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